New Remote Monitoring Service, MIRATECH Remote, Broadens MIRATECH's Portfolio Offering as Total Solutions Provider - MIRATECH

New Remote Monitoring Service, MIRATECH Remote, Broadens MIRATECH’s Portfolio Offering as Total Solutions Provider

May 10, 2021

Tulsa, Oklahoma – May 4, 2021 – MIRATECH Corporation recently completed the launch of its newest portfolio addition, MIRATECH Remote monitoring service, now available to all USA-based customers. The platform provides continuous equipment monitoring via a web-based portal tracking the status and performance of customers’ emission control systems (SCR, SCR/DPF, SCR/OXI, etc.).

“In today’s rapidly evolving regulations landscape, our customers need a reliable digital service to monitor both equipment performance and emissions compliance,” Nick Detor, Power Generation Division Sales Manager at MIRATECH, said. “MIRATECH Remote is a cost-effective solution with plug and play installation that ensures our customers have real-time accurate data at their fingertips.”

Customers will be impressed by how seamlessly the service integrates with emission control systems and the corresponding SCR controller. Gateway hardware is provided to gather data from the SCR controller, which it sends via cellular data to the MIRATECH Remote cloud portal. A user sitting at a computer, tablet or smartphone can then easily track performance and monitor for compliance.

In addition to the gateway hardware, users will also select an annual subscription model for cloud storage. Options vary based on user preference from one year minimum up to five years of data retention. The cloud-stored data is secure with local buffering to ensure uninterrupted and highly secure data retention.

There are no hidden licensing fees and no user fees for this turnkey service solution. There is no limit to the number of users at the customer who can access the data. Users can easily and securely control who is able to access the data.

“What I find so user-friendly about MIRATECH Remote are the customization options,” Christopher Driesel, Director of Product Development at MIRATECH, said. “Customers can customize the graphs and charts on the web portal showing equipment performance, and data can be exported for compliance reporting. Email and SMS notifications can be customized directly on the platform according to user preference.”

A single gateway can serve up to eight controllers with the capability to add both MIRATECH and non-MIRATECH equipment to the monitoring platform. Internet connectivity options are based on user preference, with cellular, ethernet or Wi-Fi as options.

To learn more about MIRATECH Remote, two video demonstrations of the service are available on our YouTube channel, a short overview video or a full-length demo video. Please contact the MIRATECH Sales and Marketing team if you are interested in receiving a formal quotation or support consultation. Should you have any further questions, please reach out to your MIRATECH sales representative who can assist with your inquiry.

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