Summary: Texas Emissions Inventory updates for 2017 reporting cycle. - MIRATECH

Summary: Texas Emissions Inventory updates for 2017 reporting cycle.

February 3, 2018

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) held its annual Emissions Inventory (EI) Workshop on January 24, 2018. The following is a summary of updates for the 2017 reporting cycle from Trinity Consultants.


The due date for the 2017 emissions inventory (EI) is April 2, 2018 as March 31, 2018 falls on a Saturday.Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Hurricane Harvey emissions events

  • Suspensions apply only for the 24-hour reporting requirements.
  • Emissions still need to be reported in the EIs, and fees need to be paid for those emissions

Special Emissions Inventory – Ozone Precursors

  • There is a special emissions inventory for ozone precursors being collected for the 2017 reporting year.
  • Regulated entities that emitted at least 10 tons per year (tpy) of volatile organic compounds or 25 tpy of nitrogen oxides (NOX) and are located in one of the counties below must submit an EI this year:
    • Bastrop, Bell, Bexar, Caldwell, Cormal, El Paso, Gregg, Guadalupe, Hardin, Harrison, Hays, Henderson, Hood, Jefferson, McLennan, Nueces, Orange, Rusk, San Patricio, Smith, Travis, Upshur, Victoria, Williamson, and Wilson.

New Marine Terminal Requirements

  • 100% control efficiency can be claimed only for inland marine vessels loading, based on revisions to Appendix A, Technical Supplement 5: Marine Terminals.

Exploration & Production Tanks

  • The “low pressure gas” option can be used to determine emissions if the following site-specific measurements and related data are available:
    • Lab analyses; and
      • Gas sample from the low-pressure separator;
      • Gas/oil ratio (GOR);
      • Hydrocarbon liquid produced
    • Tank specifications and geographical location.


  • Once a site has filed for Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs) or Discrete Emission Reduction Credits (DERCs) an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) certification may need to be signed and certified in the State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System (STEERS).
  • Non-compliance with the conditions of the EBT-CERT could result in the site’s credits being revoked or other punitive actions.

The TCEQ 2017 EI presentation can be accessed here.

What this means to you
A summary has been provided of TCEQ’s annual Emissions Inventory (EI) Workshop held January 24, 2018. Click here to access the entire presentation.

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