Gas Turbine - MIRATECH

Gas Turbine

Customers relying on our innovative gas turbine solutions include:

  • Central power plants operating large gas turbines in baseload and peaker configurations
  • Industrial facilities, hospitals and universities practicing distributed generation using small- to midsized gas turbines
  • Natural energy infrastructure and transmission stations operating gas turbines to drive large compressors

Oxidation Catalyst Systems

Oxidation catalyst systems for gas turbines are customized solutions. With more than 25 years of
successful experience, we know how to manufacture a catalyst system that meets your:

  • Permit levels for CO, VOCs and formaldehyde
  • Back-pressure limitations
  • Operating modes, temperatures, flow rates and swings in emission levels from your turbine and duct burner
  • Warranty duration needs

As an OEM catalyst developer and vertically integrated manufacturer, we control a number of variables and tune the catalyst to your specs. Variables in our toolbox include catalyst outside dimensions (LxWxD), substrate cell density and active surface area, formulations for ceramic wash coats, and platinum loading. Our oxidation catalysts use only platinum precious metal for high performance and long durability.

Oxidation Catalyst Installation

We have installed over 300 successful gas turbine oxidation catalyst systems, totaling over 40 gigawatts of generation capacity, for applications including:

  • Utility power generation
  • On-site distributed generation
  • Gas compression stations

Our custom-designed catalysts perform durably for your application with features such as:

  • High reductions of CO, VOCs and formaldehyde
  • Platinum coatings for durability and poison resistance
  • Low-temperature HRSG operations
  • Substrates bonded for strength
  • Low back pressure
  • Support structures and catalyst from 5 MW to over 5 million lbs/hr of exhaust flow
  • Performance warranties