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MIRATECH catalysts provide affordable, effective, no-hassle options for natural gas, diesel and dual-fuel engines.

Our responsive, customer-focused service and support will improve engine and catalyst performance while cutting maintenance costs and maximizing catalyst life.  (For further information, click on the catalyst formulation brochure link at the bottom of this section and contact MIRATECH for additional details.)

MIRATECH’s newest catalysts, the MeC and MeC-BEAST (Mec-B) catalyst line, combine MIRATECH’s turbulent foil technology with EmeraChem’s nano surface technologies and precious metal formulations for superior performance.

Miratech Catalyst Housing Chart

The MeC and MeC-B catalysts are built on a turbulent substrate, which increases surface area and performance without increasing backpressure. The catalysts feature mechanical locking of flat to corrugated layers, and diffusion bonding. Round elements also weld every layer of foil to the core. Catalytic coatings have the equivalent of 55 football fields of catalytic surface area in every cubic foot. That means the exhaust pollutants aren’t passing through the catalysts or skimming across the top. Instead, they seep into the wash coat.

The new product line also includes a thermally stabilized wash coat that provides greater resistance to sintering during prolonged operation at high temperatures; a higher tolerance to contaminants found in engine exhaust, lube oil and coolants; and an advanced form of platinum that improves service life and regenerative responsiveness to catalyst washes.


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