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Catalyzer™ — Silencer Sizing Tool

Web-based Engine Exhaust System Design and Sizing Tool

  • For design of power generation, energy infrastructure, marine, industrial or off-road engine-exhaust systems.
  • Full range of exhaust silencer grades plus system piping accessories.
  • Acoustic and system backpressure calculations based on silencer-grade selections and piping-layout
  • On-screen 3D workspace with split screen view allows modifications and real-time modeling of exhaust system components.
  • Preloaded, searchable engine database or user data input.
  • Login from anywhere to create or update silencer project calculations, proposals, and drawing packages.

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An updated navigation interface for an improved user experience.

Recent software updates make the tool more user friendly than ever. Updates include new navigation steps, the new viewer table, a new split screen view, a new pop-up components menu, and many more enhancements.


The preloaded engine database contains hundreds of the most widely used engine model exhaust and acoustic information, ranging from 30 to 4000 hp. If the required engine is not included, the user can enter their own data for the appropriate selection.

The program interface also creates a rotatable 3D model of the exhaust system for reference as the user builds the system to match the required layout. This allows the user to easily visualize the system, confirming all elements are included for overall backpressure.

MIRATECH Standard Silencer grades range from industrial to extreme; models range from cylindrical, disks and ovals to compact Cowl® spiral silencers, including spark arrestor and ATEX-certified silencers.

Program outputs on technical data (backpressure and acoustic performance), silencer drawings and proposal.


Support and training are available at MIRATECH. We are pleased to arrange one-on-one training on acoustics, emissions and exhaust systems.


For over 27 years, MIRATECH has been at the forefront in helping industries handle emissions and acoustic standards. Whatever your emissions needs may be, count on us for solutions.



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