IQ Industrial Catalyst | Emission Regulation System



The IQ system cuts a wide range of regulated emissions down to compliance levels. For lean-burn and diesel engines this includes carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odor and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). For rich-burn engines, the 3-way catalyst equipped IQ also ensures compliance with rules for oxides of nitrogen (NOx), CO, VOCs, and HAPs.

The IQ2 catalyst housing is designed for easy catalyst access in applications with no sound attenuation requirements or where an existing silencer is already installed. The standard housing is constructed of carbon steel and coated with high temperature black paint. The optional stainless steel housing is not painted. The IQ features a catalyst access cover plate, lifting lugs, four (4) – 1/2″ NPT couplings located in the inlet and outlet sections and before and after the catalyst element in the housing shell, and two (2) – 18mm oxygen sensor couplings located on the inlet and outlet flange neck. The housing also includes a flow diffuser, which is constructed of 304 stainless steel. The IQ2 is designed for use with open foil or Apex elements.

Access to the catalyst is provided through a simple cover plate design, thus eliminating the need to remove the housing from the exhaust piping to service the catalyst. The convenient location of the ½” NPT ports and 18 mm ports allows for easy installation of pressure gauges, thermocouples, sample tubes, and oxygen sensors to monitor catalyst performance or connect to an adaptive AFRC (air fuel ratio controller).

  • Applications
  • Power Generation
  • NESHAP Regulations
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Air Compression
  • Liquids Pumping
  • Bio-Gas
  • Greenhouse CO2 Enrichment
  • Industrial Marine


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