AIR-SONIC, a MIRATECH Company, to Open First Catalyst Wash Facility in Europe - MIRATECH

AIR-SONIC, a MIRATECH Company, to Open First Catalyst Wash Facility in Europe

August 31, 2020

August 31, 2020


AIR-SONIC, a MIRATECH Company, to Open First Catalyst Wash Facility in Europe

Tulsa, Oklahoma – August 27, 2020 – AIR-SONIC, a MIRATECH Company, is set to open the first catalyst washing facility in Europe. The state-of-the-art catalyst chemical washing facility is scheduled to open on Oct. 1, 2020 at AIR-SONIC’s Sinntal, Germany location, providing service to the company’s European and Middle Eastern customers. Along with the catalyst washing system, AIR-SONIC will also offer catalyst testing services at the start of 2021.

“Expanding our chemical washing and testing systems into the European market is a huge benefit for our AIR-SONIC and MIRATECH customers from all over the world,” Stephen Halkett, Managing Director of AIR-SONIC, said. “Catalysts become covered with sulfated ash, zinc, phosphorus and many other contaminants that impact performance. This process allows our customers to continue to use their current catalysts instead of having to buy a new replacement.”

MIRATECH currently has six catalyst washing and testing facilities in the United States with a large-scale system processing 40 to 1000 catalyst elements from combustion turbines and small-scale systems processing one to 40 reciprocating engine catalysts. The Catalyst Service Centers are located at the headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma; the catalyst manufacturing plant in Knoxville, Tennessee; and at authorized partners’ locations in Texas, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Rather than replacing a catalyst prematurely, a chemical wash to remove contaminants regenerates the catalyst surface and restores catalytic performance. After the catalyst wash, performance will be tested on MIRATECH’s Multi-Lambda Catalyst Test System. The process is normally complete with a two-day turnaround. MIRATECH can service any make or model of catalyst, with any substrate, used in any brand of stationary reciprocating engine catalytic converter.

MIRATECH’s Catalyst Washing System is a proven, effective regeneration process. This know-how comes from operating a catalyst chemical manufacturing plant for over 25 years. This is a value-added maintenance service provided by MIRATECH and MIRATECH’s authorized Catalyst Service Centers located around the country.

A key advantage to MIRATECH’s catalyst washing process is the use of fresh chemical solutions for each catalyst wash. This process prevents cross-contamination. MIRATECH uses chemical recirculation pumps to continuously flush the solutions through the cells of the element for deep cleaning. Circulating the wash solution is an effective way to release contaminants from the catalyst and it yields higher gains in catalyst performance.

Europe and Middle East customers can request a catalyst wash by contacting AIR-SONIC at or by phone at +49 6664-96119. North American customers can contact MIRATECH at or toll free at +1 800-640-3141.


MIRATECH is a Tulsa, Oklahoma, based leader in providing environmentally sound emission and acoustic solutions for global users of stationary natural gas and diesel reciprocating engines. Current products and service offering include: NSCR, SCR, and DPF catalyst systems, silencers, and exhaust piping; catalyst/DPF monitoring and control systems; heat recovery systems; training programs; project management; and technical field service.


AIR-SONIC is a Sinntal, Germany based industry leader in the German market for catalyst, silencers and SCR systems for stationary gas fired engines. Founded in 1993, AIR-SONIC has extensive industry background in this highly specialized field and is recognized by its customers as a strategic supplier in the evolving emission and acoustic markets.


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