Flow Simulation

Flow Simulation

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), a flow simulation technology, allows the study of highly complex components according to their flow-mechanical properties. On one hand, costly, experimental analyses are saved; on the other hand, individual turbulences are better understood and presented than was previously possible, based on measurements.

Included is the thermal flow simulation, which is practically three-dimensional heat conduction, heat transfer and heat distribution in components. Thermally induced stresses are a common cause of failure during operation. The data determined in the CFD can be used to draw conclusions about the service life of the component.

Silencers and catalytic converters are designed with special acoustic and emission-related software solutions. The system is designed by our design team and tuned by simulation.

Through a variety of different manufacturing concepts, it is possible to find the best technical solution cost-effectively. Especially small spaces often lead to an unfavorable flow. For example, the help of a guide plate or perforated plate can influence the course of the exhaust gas and to achieve the best possible result.