Energy Infrastructure - MIRATECH

Energy Infrastructure

MIRATECH supports critical applications in the energy infrastructure market, including:

  • Field gathering
  • Midstream/processing
  • Interstate pipelines
  • Storage and cryo plants
  • Gas turbines

Our diverse customer base includes original equipment integrators and packagers; NG midstream, processing and pipeline companies; and engineering and construction companies. In addition to our innovative products, our customers rely on our expertise in navigating today’s regulatory market, which includes:

  • GP5a
  • JJJJ (Quad J)
  • YYYY (Quad Y)
  • ZZZZ (Quad Z)
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • Ozone changes within National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS)
  • U.S. State Implementation Plans
  • FREC regulations for both emissions and sound
  • Canadian Province Standards
  • World Bank Standards
  • T.A. Luft Standards

We provide engineered emissions-control solutions not only for natural energy infrastructure stations in transmission pipeline systems, but also more broadly for RICE engines at the wellhead throughout the entire value chain:

  • HP solutions from 20 to 20,000+
  • Sound attenuation from 15 to 60 dBA
  • Up to three-year guaranteed emissions reductions (with the Apex catalyst integration)

Our catalytic reduction systems can reduce pollutants for any stationary reciprocating natural gas, diesel or dual-fuel engine:

  • NOx up to 99% with SCR
  • CO up to 98%
  • Hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) up to 99%
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) up to 85%

MIRATECH Fabrication Capabilities

  • Emission controls
  • Exhaust heat recovery
  • Engine exhaust and intake silencers
  • Interconnecting piping

MIRATECH customized energy infrastructure systems are engineered to perform in highly demanding environments, including:

  • Extreme wind speeds and shears
  • Altitude
  • Space limitations
  • Ambient temperature swings
  • Humidity variations
  • Tight noise requirements
  • Seismic location and codes
  • Air permit requirements

Core Products and Integrated Systems

MIRATECH Quad-Tuned Silencers

  • Field-tested up to 60 dBA attenuation, for high sound requirement application
  • Patent-pending chamber design with quadruple-tuned components
  • Design algorithm allows tuning of muffler to match specific engine environment and application
  • For both horizontal and ground access designs
  • Higher sound attenuation than multiple silencers in a series; reduces exhaust leak risk

MIRATECH Z-Flow Emission Solution

  • Catalyst housing for high emissions reduction targets and site HP growth needs
  • Paralleled single-layer catalyst design improves exhaust flow and lowers back pressure
  • For lean-burn NG engines from 1,400 – 5,000 HP
  • Available in both perimeter and face seal (EZ line) options
  • Customizable for noise control: ZCS: 22-25 dBA; ZHS: 27-35 dBA; ZES: 45-52 dBA


  • Custom-engineered for both emissions and sound reduction
  • Up to 99% NOx reduction on NG LB reciprocating engine
  • Can keep emissions under Title V limits and exceed GP-5a emissions regulations
  • Design can support multiple engines

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