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Custom Catalyst


MIRATECH is proud to say that we have been an OEM developer and manufacturer of catalyst and nano-phase surface chemistry products for twenty-five years. Numerous patents in North America, Europe and Asia are a testament to our innovation and dedication to the industry.

MIRATECH is not only a supplier of emission control catalysts for reciprocating engines, combustion turbines and boilers, fueled with all sorts of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons and waste byproducts but also a producer of emission control catalyst products that set BACT, MACT and LAER.

That’s the pedigree and proving grounds for a team that can respond to your special emission control needs. Not every application fits neatly into a common category—that’s where we can help. You see, we understand the fundamentals of chemistry, thermodynamics and catalysis. That’s part of our product development toolbox. Ask us about case studies where we developed specialty formulations, applied them to advanced substrates, and installed them on customer engines in under two weeks. Mission accomplished.