Mira-Monitor Catalyst Emission Monitoring System | MIRATECH



the mira-monitor, for temperature and pressure measurement and data logging

The reliable, cost-effective MIRA-MONITOR provides users with a Continuous Parametric Monitoring System (CPMS) and helps gas and diesel engine users meet RICE NESHAP requirements by providing complete catalyst monitoring for total control over regulation compliance.

Federal regulations adopted by U.S. EPA on March 3, 2010 require many owners and operators of large engines to comply with a standard known as the RICE NESHAP Rule. The RICE NESHAP rule compliance date for diesel (CI – compression ignition) engines was May 3, 2013, and gas (SI – spark ignited) engines was October 19, 2013. Regulations include work practices and catalyst monitoring.

The MIRATECH MIRA-MONITOR includes the equipment needed to monitor and record inlet temperature and differential pressure to comply with NESHAP CPMS requirements. Users can configure and extract logged data using the included software to provide credible evidence of continuous compliance.

The MIRA-MONITOR logs catalyst inlet temperature and differential pressure samples every minute. The MIRA-MONITOR starts recording data when the differential pressure is greater than 1″ of water column. The logger stops recording data when the differential pressure drops below 1″ of water column. Optionally, logging can be triggered with an engine run signal. Two red lamps on the front of the MIRA-MONITOR indicate if there is high exhaust temperature or high differential pressure.

The easy-to-use controls allow the user to manually start or stop logging and step through the operating parameters. When it’s time to download the log files, the user can easily connect to the logger with a laptop or desk top computer and an ethernet cable or remove the compact flash card and download the log file with a card reader.


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