Recycle/Reclaim - MIRATECH


A precious metal catalyst retains an asset value throughout its life. When the catalyst reaches the end of its service life it can be processed to recover precious metals such as platinum, rhodium and palladium.

MIRATECH’s philosophy is that precious metals on your catalyst belong to you. Let us recover the precious metals from your spent catalyst and return them to you in the form of new durable, high-performance catalyst, or redeem the cash value of the metals.

We believe you should get the maximum yield from your spent catalyst. As an OEM catalyst manufacturer, we consume precious metals every day. We have long-term relationships with companies that produce the high-purity precious metal chemicals we use in our manufacturing process. These relationships allow us to negotiate effectively on your behalf to provide the highest possible precious metal yields.

Our customers are looking for ways of reducing emission compliance costs. Cost effectiveness takes in the catalyst’s lifecycle and includes maximizing the return on spent catalyst elements. Whether you’re operating combustion turbines or reciprocating engines, let us demonstrate the financial value of transforming your precious metals into new replacement catalyst.

A precious metal catalyst is a costly investment with long-term value. As an OEM catalyst developer and manufacturer, MIRATECH offers complete catalyst lifecycle services to help you manage your investment. This is where we apply the science of catalysis and nanophase chemistry to deliver the longest life and best performance under your specific circumstances.

Like any piece of equipment, a catalytic system benefits from routine inspection and maintenance. Once a catalyst enters the operating phase of its life, MIRATECH can help you get the most from your catalyst. MIRATECH can help you set up a catalyst monitoring program that includes performance testing, laboratory evaluations, chemical washing and regeneration. At the end of its service life, MIRATECH will recover the precious metal and apply it to your replacement catalyst.