Catalyst Service Centers - MIRATECH

Catalyst Service Centers

Localized Inventory

Catalysts come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and formulations to match a broad range of engine sizes, application and site conditions. MIRATECH’s network of distributors and owned facilities throughout the world maintains a large inventory of our catalysts.




Catalyst Performance Testing

How much performance life is left in your catalyst? Will chemical washing restore the performance? Ask MIRATECH. Our Catalyst Service Centers feature the patented Multi-Lambda Catalyst Testing System (MLCTS®). Real-world testing on your elements ensures successful operations in the field. Our dealers make this service easy to access.

Washing Stations

A precious metal catalyst is a valuable piece of equipment and deserves first-rate maintenance. Every MIRATECH-authorized dealer operates a state-of-the-art catalyst chemical washing system. Catalyst washing is a carefully controlled chemical process, and you can feel confident knowing that our process is the product of two decades of catalyst development and know-how. Before you replace your old precious metal catalyst, see your local MIRATECH dealer and insist on MIRATECH’s chemical washing and regeneration process.

Precious Metal Reclaim

At the end of the catalyst’s service life, precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium can be reclaimed and recovered, and either used to manufacture replacement catalyst or redeemed for their monetary value. To receive a core credit for your spent catalyst, drop it off or schedule a pickup from our local dealer.




A catalyst element is a chemical reactor operating at a nano-scale. MIRATECH uses the industry’s most advanced methods to analyze the physical and chemical properties of a catalyst. We use them for forensic investigations of catalyst degradation so we can get to the root cause and solve it. This has helped many operators save money and maintain emission compliance. Ask your local Dealer to explain how helpful this service can be




On Site Technical Service

Strong emission control and reliable compliance begins with engine operation. Responsive and local technical support is what you get from MIRATECH’s nationwide dealer network. Our technicians can be on your site with field experience in engines, AFR’s, ignition systems, fuel valves and emission controls. Wherever your engine sits, there’s an authorized dealer nearby.


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