Custom Solutions - MIRATECH

Custom Solutions

Your application may require a custom emissions solution. MIRATECH can help.

Our experience and emissions and acoustics solutions have been tried and tested with all types of engines in many different applications. MIRATECH’s strength is in designing and delivering quality solutions for complex emissions challenges. If there’s a problem, or a potential problem, we have probably already solved it. If a new emissions issue arises, no one will get to the bottom of it faster than MIRATECH.

Our emissions solutions have included:

  • Custom catalyst housings
  • Custom catalyst element sizes and formulations
  • Novel noise-solution options
  • Control systems with data acquisition and communications
  • Project management
  • Personnel training
  • Financing options

Examples of MIRATECH Custom Solutions

Power Generation

Fully customized systems created to accommodate limited space and installation constraints in Canada.

  • Custom-engineered housings designed to fit through existing doorways/freight elevators
  • Preconfigured piping and housing supports to minimize on-site construction time
  • Full structural analysis to ensure compliance with local seismic, wind, snow, or other loads

Energy Infrastructure

Customization results in turnkey solution at CO2 injection plant in Texas.

  • 2,300-HP NG compressors
  • Custom engineering to meet space constraints (ZCS – Mixing – SCR)
  • Offsite fabrication and modular systems to allow ease of installation
  • System split across two skids to accommodate site limitations

Gas Turbine

Turnkey oxidation catalyst service for combined-cycle power plant in Queens, NY.

  • Two GE 7FA gas turbines
  • Structural fabrication drawings supplied and designed to fit in shipping container
  • Assembly of four-section catalyst frames with direct mounting in the HRSGs in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Prefabricated HRSGs and 604 oxidation catalyst elements shipped to Queens, NY