Diesel Particulate Filter Monitor | DPF Emissions Monitor

DPF Monitor


MIRATECH’s Differential Pressure and Temperature Monitor & Data-Logging (Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) monitor) system provides warnings when the exhaust-gas pressure reaches high levels, as can happen when a filter becomes clogged with diesel soot or ash. If the monitoring system detects back pressure levels which are too high, it first of all provides a visual alarm for the user by means of illuminated display lamps, and then generates a further audible alarm.

In addition, the DPF Monitor measures the temperature of exhaust entering the DPF, displaying and logging that information.

If desired, actual pressure and temperature values can be shown on the display. The pressure and temperature are continuously written to memory. When an alarm is generated, it remains activated until the relevant values return to normal levels. The audible alarm is switched off when the alarm is acknowledged.

Pressure is measured in the range between 0 and 600 mbar (0 – 240 inches water). Temperatures in the range between 50 °C and 1,050 °C (120 °F – 1920°F) can be displayed.

The operator can ascertain by means of the temperature display whether the exhaust-system temperature is within the optimum range for the filter. If a back-pressure alarm is generated, the operator can raise the temperature of the exhaust gas by increasing the engine load and thus causing the filter to clean itself. The exhaust-gas back pressure will then be reduced, and the warning light will be extinguished.

  • Applications
  • Power Generation
  • Air Compression
  • Liquids Pumping