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AIR-SONIC Announces Strategic Rebranding, Changes Name to MIRATECH GmbH

June 29, 2023

AIR-SONIC, a MIRATECH Company, has unveiled a new name, MIRATECH GmbH, to align the MIRATECH Group as a single, unified brand throughout the world.

AIR-SONIC, an industry leader in the German market for catalysts, silencers, and SCR systems for stationary engines, was acquired by the MIRATECH Group in 2019. This strategic acquisition expanded MIRATECH’s footprint in the EU market by leveraging the strengths and operating synergies of both companies. Since 2019, AIR-SONIC has continued to use the AIR-SONIC name and branding throughout the marketplaces of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

“Whether our European customers and partners knew us as AIR-SONIC or MIRATECH in the past, going forward we want them to know the full strength and resources of the global MIRATECH Group stands ready to support their needs,” said Stefan Fuss, Managing Director of MIRATECH GmbH. “Our commitment to superior customer service, and high-performing products remains steadfast and unchanged. We are confident this strategic rebrand will further drive our market share gains and operational excellence in this region.”

MIRATECH’s new worldwide branding includes new European ( and German ( websites along with the adoption of the MIRATECH logos and brand standards.

MIRATECH is a global company with staff in more than 15 countries and sales in more than 40 countries. Its European headquarters is based in Sinntal, Germany. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MIRATECH has other manufacturing and office locations in Knoxville, Tennessee; Houston, Texas; Prior Lake, Minnesota; and Winnipeg Canada. The locations outside of Tulsa were added and integrated through strategic acquisitions over the past decade under the MIRATECH Group business umbrella.

MIRATECH recently celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022 as the company was founded in 1992, one year before AIR-SONIC opened operations in 1993.



MIRATECH is a Tulsa, Oklahoma, based leader in providing environmentally sound emission and acoustic solutions for global users of stationary natural gas and diesel reciprocating engines. Current products and service offering include: oxidation and three way catalysts; SCR, and DPF catalyst systems; silencers and exhaust piping; catalyst/DPF monitoring and control systems; heat recovery systems; training programs; project management; and technical field service.



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