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MIRATECH Unveils Apex, New Industry-Best Catalyst Product Line

September 25, 2023

MIRATECH Unveils Apex, New Industry-Best Catalyst Product Line

 Tulsa, Oklahoma – Sept. 25, 2023 – MIRATECH Group launched its new catalyst product line called Apex, an industry-leading catalyst product line that combines and enhances the previous catalyst product lines from MIRATECH and Powertherm Maxim.

“Since acquiring Powertherm Maxim, we’ve worked to develop the best performing and longest lasting catalyst product line in the industry with our new and exciting Apex offering,” MIRATECH CEO David Zenthoefer said. “Combining the decades of R&D expertise from both companies, the Apex catalyst line can hit tighter emission targets than competitor models, and it can keep customers within compliance permitting requirements for longer. Customers will be especially excited to learn more about how the Apex performs with high propane fuel sources and its industry changing methane reduction capabilities.”

MIRATECH’s New Apex Cataylst Line Offerings

MIRATECH’s new catalyst line offers a solution to fit any customer’s needs with four grades of oxidation catalysts and three options for the three-way catalysts. Not only does the Apex portfolio deliver unmatched flexibility, but it comes with exciting new performance improvements.

The Apex propane oxidation catalyst provides superior VOC destruction, unmatched by previous offerings. And the three-way catalyst with three-year performance (Apex3-TW) is the first and only three-way catalyst in the industry with field-proven methane reduction performance, substantially lowering methane emissions in the first year.

“In addition to targeting standard criteria pollutants in engine exhaust, the new Apex3-TW also reduces methane, an important point for customers working within the Inflation Reduction Act environmental guidelines,” said Kirk Weaver, Vice President of Sales Powertherm Maxim. “For customers looking for extra ESG benefits and additional eligibility for a carbon tax reduction, the Apex3-TW is loaded with precious metals to achieve more emissions reduction than competitive products.”

The entry-level Apex catalyst line comes with a one-year performance warranty. The popular midlevel Apex catalyst touts a two-year performance warranty, and the top of the line carries a three-year performance warranty with truly bestial performance. The fourth product is a propane catalyst, specifically targeting engines with a fuel source greater than 5% propane.

MIRATECH Service Center Locations providing catalyst testing and washing

MIRATECH’s Apex catalysts have the best durability, washability, and lowest lifecycle costs in the market. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and formulations to match customer needs. With MIRATECH’s expanded service centers, salespeople and partner distributors located throughout the world, Apex catalysts are strategically stocked and ready for timely delivery to quickly service customer needs. If customers need a wash or test of their catalyst, they will now have more options than ever to utilize MIRATECH catalytic service centers in their immediate geography.

The Apex catalyst line replaces MIRATECH’s legacy MeC and MeC-Beast lines along with Powertherm Maxim’s previous catalyst product line. Apex catalysts can be used in any new or existing catalytic housing in the field, and they should be sized correctly to the application as per industry standard.



MIRATECH Group is a Tulsa, Oklahoma, based leader in providing environmentally sound emission and acoustic solutions for global users of stationary natural gas and diesel reciprocating engines. Current products and service offering include: oxidation and three-way catalysts; SCR, and DPF catalyst systems; silencers and exhaust piping; catalyst/DPF monitoring and control systems; aftermarket parts and training programs; emissions sizing software; project management; and technical field service.

Powertherm Maxim, based out of Houston, Texas, and recently acquired by MIRATECH Group in February 2023, is the leading provider of heavy-duty industrial reciprocating engine accessories, from air intake and exhaust systems, including silencers and catalytic converters to industrial insulation blankets, exhaust accessories and catalyst elements. It has branch offices in El Reno, Oklahoma, Odessa and Fort Worth, Texas. Powertherm serves the marine, power generation, oil & gas, exploration & extraction, and gas compression markets, covering territories throughout Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Utah.

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