JC Cylindrical Silencer | MIRATECH Critical Grade Series

JC Cylindrical – Critical Grade Series

Typical Attenuation – 25 to 35 dB(A)

Connections sizes are nominal. Dimensions are in inches. Weights are in pounds, depends on selected options,  and are approximate.


  • Dual shell construction to eliminate shell radiated noise and increase durability
  • No mounting or integrated mounting options (f); see Cylindrical Silencer Mounting Options (p.34)
  • Aluminized steel, carbon steel, or 304 stainless steel construction (m); aluminized steel is only available for 12′ and smaller
  • Aluminized/carbon steel housings coated with satin black paint rated to 1200°F
  • Connections:
    • Male NPT on 3.5” and smaller
    • 125/150# ANSI bolt flanges on 4” and larger


  • Side inlet (c) and side outlet (d) orientation
  • Side inlet and side outlet “F” dimension (n)
  • Inlet size and connection type (i/j) and outlet connection type (p)
  • Dual inlet (h/n)
  • See EM Silencers Part Number Legend (p.6); dual inlet and “F” dimension options require a part number from MIRATECH


  • Custom configurations, materials, connections, overall dimensions, etc.
  • Part numbers will be confirmed upon receipt of project design requirements, specifications, or order