Diesel Oxidation Catalyst | Exhaust Particulate Emissions

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

MIRATECH’s Diesel Oxidation Catalysts are designed for stationary diesel engines large and small, in applications ranging from backup or standby power generation to liquids pumping, marine power, locomotives, and more.

Nothing prevents nesting or resists vibration and shock better than MIRATECH’s Diesel Oxidation Catalyst’s corrugated metal foil construction – with the multi-layered honeycomb design adding durability. Chemisorption catalyst impregnation produces a cost-effective, long-lasting element that resists sulfur-buildup and catalyst “poisoning.” The patented MIRATECH banding and pinning process ensures superior mechanical strength and high-temperature tolerance – and wards off backfire damage.


  • Applications
  • Pollutants
  • Power Generation
  • NESHAP Regulations
  • Rail
  • Air Compression
  • Liquids Pumping
  • Industrial Marine
  • CO
  • HAP's
  • Particulate Matter (PM)


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