MeC & MeC-BEAST Catalyst


Turbulent Foil Geometry

  • Eight optimized turbulent zones maximize destructive performance while reducing engine backpressure
  • Maximizes HAPs exposure to catalyst substrate
  • Added performance helps unit stay within permit limits longer
  • For certain applications, less catalyst volume may be required to achieve the same reductions
  • Optimized turbulent design reduces ash fouling and cleaning frequency
  • Increased catalytic reactions provide greater potential for HAPs reductions, even in higher-BTU gas environments

Resistance Welding and Diffusion Bonding

  • Gives catalyst greater mechanical stability over the thermal cycling life of the element
  • Preserves the oxidized foil surface, for excellent coating adhesion (unlike brazing) and longer performance life

Increased Catalyst Surface Area and Coating Durability

  • Greater catalyst masking tolerance, for longer performance
  • Equivalent of 55 football fields of catalytic surface area on every cubic foot of catalyst
  • Thermally stabilized wash coat provides greater resistance to sintering during prolonged operation at high temperatures

Increased Precious Metals Durability

  • Higher tolerance to contaminants found in engine exhaust, lube oil and coolants
  • Proprietary form of Pt yields super-high dispersion on the catalyst surface, for better performance and longer service life
  • Advanced form of Rh, for greater service life and regenerative responsiveness to catalyst washes
  • Three-year end-of-life warranty

Get the right catalyst sized for your specific application. CO, VOCs, NOx—most sites have different needs and requirements, we size our catalyst to your application. Choose between the MeC 1-year and MeC-BEAST 3-year end-of-life warranty for your site needs. Matched with MIRATECH’s catalytic housings, you can choose between multiple grades of silencing. From catalyst only housings up to 60 dBa sound attenuation, MIRATECH has the housing that will stand the test of time and hit your acoustic needs.



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