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EPA to reconsider oil & gas methane rule. Cites fugitive emissions monitoring issue.

May 1, 2017

The EPA has granted a request from several oil and gas (O&G) industry associations that want the Agency to reconsider its final rule, Oil and Natural Gas Sector: Emissions Standards for New, Reconstructed and Modified Sources according to an April 24, 2017 EHS Daily Advisor report.United States Environmental Protection Agency

In a letter to the associations, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt notes that at least one issue—regarding fugitive emissions monitoring requirements—raised by industry warrants reconsideration because it was impracticable to raise objections to this requirement during the proposed rule’s public comment period and because the provision is of “central relevance to the rule.”

The final standards are intended to regulate emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (in the form of methane emissions limitations) from a range of new, modified, and reconstructed equipment, processes, and activities across the O&G source category. Much of the rule is concerned with the control of leaks and fugitive emissions.

“Among the issues raised in the petitions that meet the requirements for reconsideration are objections regarding the provisions for requesting and receiving an alternative means of emission limitations and the inclusion of low production wells,” states Pruitt in his letter. “These provisions, or certain aspects of these provisions, were not included in the proposed rule, so the public could not have raised objections to these provisions during the public comment period. As part of the reconsideration process, the EPA will provide an opportunity for notice and comment on the issues raised in the petitions as well as any other matter we believe will benefit from additional comments.”

As a result of the reconsideration, the Agency is allowing a 90-day stay of the compliance date for the fugitive emissions monitoring requirements.

What this means to you
EPA has granted an oil and gas industry request to reconsider the oil & gas methane rule and allowing a 90-day stay of the compliance date fr the fugitive emissions requirement.

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