MIRATECH expanding international growth. Products now found on reciprocating engines in 28 countries worldwide. - MIRATECH

MIRATECH expanding international growth. Products now found on reciprocating engines in 28 countries worldwide.

September 6, 2017

From SCR projects in Asia and South America to oxidation catalyst and DPF installations in the Middle East, MIRATECH provides compliance solutions for tightening global emission regulations.

With global emission regulations tightening and clean air quality a primary concern for countries all over the world today, MIRATECH continues to expand its customer reach into International markets supplying market leading exhaust silencers, emission control devices and waste heat recovery systems for reciprocating engines.

Chile SCR PLant

Successful projects include Selective Catalytic Reduction installations in Asia and South America, to oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter configurations in Europe and the Middle East. In fact, MIRATECH products can be found on reciprocating engines in 28 countries around the world.

Asia SCR

To support customers on a global basis, MIRATECH has an extensive representation network in eleven countries in Europe, Central & South America, Middle East, Asia and Australia. The network allows customers to work locally with assigned MIRATECH agents and get quick support for their needs.  MIRATECH’s German manufacturing partners serves European customers needing local supply.

Middle East DPF

The arrangement allows MIRATECH to supply the same products manufactured in North America. The same concept is under development for South America and Asia to allow product line growth while saving shipping costs and lead times for regional customers.

David Zenthoefer, MIRATECH’s Chief Executive Officer, states “MIRATECH has a strong North America base and expertise of various project installations earned over 25 years in the business. Over the last five years, as regulations have moved from development to implementation in other countries, our reputation has generated international enquiries for our products.”

“We’ve seen a major increase in demand for our exhaust silencing and emission control products,” Zenthoefer adds. “We’re also adding International business capabilities to our core company structure to further enhance revenue. With MIRATECH’s dedicated International Division team we feel confident in rapid further growth.”

Europe Exhaust Silencer

MIRATECH provides solutions to OEM’s as well as end users in Power Generation, Industrial, Oil & Gas, and Marine market segments. Products range from simple exhaust accessories to major power plant emission control projects of over 50 MW.

No matter how difficult the problem MIRATECH’s International customers have relied on MIRATECH engineering expertise for optimal solutions to meet their technical requirements.




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